Welcome to the Jackson County Home Educators' website

Jackson County Home Educators is located in Southern Oregon. It is our purpose to meet together regularly in order to assist and support one another in teaching our children in an effective and creative manner, upholding traditional family values and the moral standards in the Bible.

We are an informal group of Christians from many churches and many parts of Jackson County, Oregon. A great variety of lifestyles are represented in the group with all ages of children involved. There are people that are only marginally affiliated with the group and there are others for whom the group is a major part of their lives.

The group has many functions in the area of home schooling. We are the contact people for all organized events and information that develops in the state and the nation. We are the host for guest speakers and workshops that occur in the area. We have a monthly newsletter that announces upcoming events along with articles, news, reports, and classifieds. This is an important place to find other Christian home schoolers to do things with and a source of friends for the children. This is a place where active, involved people can work with other active, involved people to make good things happen. The possibilities are endless.